Creating a High Performance Engine
Step 1: Installation
Piston Pin Oilers
Step 2: Inspection of cylinders & pin oiler

Step 3: Bottom End
Ready for Crank

Step 4: Inspection of crank shaft

Step 5:Check Gallery Plugs

Step 6: Crank fitted to block

Step 7: Check for end float

Step 8: Titanium con rods

Step 9: Fitting spiral locks

Step 10: Fitting piston pins

Step 11: Torque the bolts
by stretch
Step 12: Setting up the block for the degree of the cam
Step 13: Checking the piston to valve
Step 14: Degree of the cam

Step 15: Looking down the inlet port of engine
Step 16: Short motor ready for heads
Step 17: Heads assembled on both ends
Step 18: Adjustments to the tappets
Step 19: Adjustments to the dry sump
Step 20: Checking nitrous system
Step 21: Checking oil system
Step 22: All hoses and line all fitted for test run
Step 23: Complete product, lets go dyno
Step 24: Complete engine on test dyno.
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